The many benefits of exercise

FXNL Staff
May 10, 2017
2 min read
walking and exercising with a ventilator

Dr. Dina Brooks (BScPT, MSc, PhD, Canada Research Chair in Rehabilitation For Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), talks with us about the benefits of exercise, both in heathy populations and in people with chronic diseases, addresses some common myths about exercise, and shares some of the research her team is currently doing in this area.

Watch the summarized video highlighting the consequences of immobility.

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00:23 Can you introduce yourself?

00:39 What areas do you practice in?

00:52 What are the benefits of exercise?

01:44 What are the effects of exercise on mental health?

02:09 Are there specific types of exercise that are need to be done to get these benefits?

02:49 Does raising your heart rate from other means such as stress or caffeine provide the same benefits?

03:30 Can exercise negate or lessen the effects of unhealthy habits (e.g. Smoking, poor nutrition, alcohol consumption)?

04:14 Is sitting the new smoking?

04:57 What are your thoughts on standing desks?

05:25 How much exercise is needed to offset a sedentary lifestyle?

06:06 Are there studies to support this?

06:24 Do studies look at other variables in someone’s lifestyle (e.g. nutrition)?

06:48 What is your opinion on devices for monitoring step count and fitness levels?

07:42 Where did the number of 10,000 steps per day come from?

08:34 Are there different recommendations based on age or is it more so based on health?

08:50 What are the effects of immobility or bed rest in chronic populations?

09:44 Can you share the latest research for COPD and exercise?

10:49 Are there any populations for whom exercise may be dangerous?

11:47 Is there a science to breathing properly and does that have an effect on the body?

12:51 Do you think there will ever be a replacement for exercise?

13:13 What are some strategies that people can use to make exercise part of their day?

14:34 How about strategies for people with a sedentary job?

15:03 Is there anything lacking in research that you hope may be explored in the future?

16:16 Are there any interesting facts you’d like to share?

FXNL Staff