The future of physiotherapy education

FXNL Staff
August 30, 2017
2 min read
Canada's first DPT program

We speak with Rob Werstine [HBA, BSc(PT), MSc(PT), Dip Manip, Dip Sport, FCAMPT], physiotherapist and co-director of Key Clinical Skills, a company offering Canada’s first transitional Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) program.

In this talk we discuss the evolution of physiotherapy in Canada and how many countries are moving towards a more specialized designation – the doctorate degree. Rob discusses the challenges of introducing this program to Canada, how it fits within the current educational landscape, the reasons for creating this program, and much more!

To learn more about this program, visit KeyClinSkills or EIM and follow them on Twitter.

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00:28 Can you introduce yourself?

00:52 Can you explain what the DPT program is? What is its purpose?

01:22 From a greater perspective, do you see entry level program in Canada transitioning to DPT in the future, similar to the States?

02:48 Why did you decide to bring a DPT program to Canada now?

06:57 Does completion of the DPT expand a clinicians scope of practice?

08:23 What is the admission criteria?

09:11 What is involved with the program? Online or in-person?

12:27 What is covered in the weekend intensives?

15:02 Who are the instructors for these weekend intensives?

16:23 How does the DPT integrate with other post-graduate programs? For example FCAMPT?

18:42 What are the differences between this program and other post-graduate programs?

20:30 How long has this program been running?

21:20 How has the program been received so far?

22:09 Are the weekend intensive courses offered across Canada?

23:06 Where can people find out more about the program?

FXNL Staff