Marketing and branding tips for health professionals

FXNL Staff
September 26, 2017
2 min read
clinic marketing

“By focusing on brand first you start to create a bit of differentiation, and you start to create a better position in the market for what you stand for”

We chat with Scott Marcaccio, CEO and Co-founder of Myodetox about tips on how to market, brand, and scale a rehab clinic. Scott was previously a marketing executive before jumping into the world of rehab/therapy. You can follow Scott on Instagram. You can also watch the summary video of this talk.

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00:27 Can you introduce yourself?

00:59 Can you tell us the origin story of Myodetox?

02:13 What is your opinion of the rehab industry?

03:15 How important is marketing to growing a clinic?

04:03 Why focus on brand first?

04:51 What is a brand? Is it all about the logo and name?

06:18 In terms of branding and marketing, what advice do you have on where to start when opening a clinic?

07:50 How can a clinic owner differentiate themselves?

08:29 Do you think that clinics should do their own marketing or hire someone else to do it?

09:41 Can you discuss Myodetox’s use of social media for marketing?

11:20 Can you talk about where Myodetox is headed now?

13:30 For someone who doesn’t have much time, how would they prioritize the different social media channels?

14:34 Besides online marketing, what are some other growth strategies that can be used to grow a business?

15:15 Should clinics involve their team in the marketing efforts?

16:40 Should therapists be marketing themselves under the businesses brand or their own personal brand?

18:36 What would be your advice for clinics to help retain their therapists?

20:10 Any advice for recruiting therapists?

21:25 Any advice for clinics on when they should be hiring new therapists?

22:30 How do you finance and scale a service based business?

23:50 Is there anything that a clinic should have in place before it expands?

25:41 How do you maintain company culture when you’re scaling?

26:46 What are the biggest challenges that you faced when expanding?

27:47 Why did you choose to expand Myodetox so quickly?

28:48 When you’re opening new locations what marketing strategies do you use to gain traction?

30:09 As the CEO of Myodetox, how do you keep up with that learning curve of growing so quickly?

31:02 Where do you see Myodetox going over the next few years?

Rapid fire questions:

31:32 Top 3 books?

31:57 Top 3 podcasts?

32:39 Top 3 software tools?

32:51 Biggest epiphany that changed your mindset?

33:31 Best advice you’ve ever been given?

33:46 Best advice you can give to a business owner?

34:42 Where can people find out more about you?

FXNL Staff