How vision affects learning and concussion recovery

FXNL Staff
October 3, 2017
2 min read
learning and concussion children

“When I deal with a patient who’s had a concussion, you’re not just dealing with the concussion, you’re dealing with the concussion plus all of the pre-existing history”

We speak with Dr. Patrick Quaid (Optometrist, FCOVD, PhD) about his background in optometry and his focused interest in vision rehabilitation for patients with learning difficulties and concussions. Dr. Quaid discusses common symptoms/complaints that may indicate an underlying vision issue in these populations, as well as treatment strategies used in vision therapy.

Dr. Quaid practices vision therapy out of Guelph Vision Therapy Center.

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00:26 Can you introduce yourself and give a brief background?

00:52 What got you interested in optometry?

02:25 Do you have a focused interest in your practice?

04:34 As an optometrist, how do you categorize or think of the visual system?

07:15 Are there different aspects within central and peripheral vision that can be assessed?

12:17 Is the fact that the visual system makes up 40% of the brain what makes it so prone to dysfunction?

17:26 Do you ever see balance issues the opposite to normal where if someone with a visual issue closes their eyes their balance improves?

20:43 Can you give us an overview of childhood learning issues and what you normally see in the clinic?

28:00 Are these types of issues tested in a standard eye exam?

31:30 Do you think that children with learning difficulties are slowly getting more help with vision therapy or do you think it is still an understated area?

34:40 Do you think there should be some baseline testing outside the standard eye exam for kids?

37:44 Are there any visible indications that can lead you to believe that someone may have an eye issue and should be tested?

39:54 How young do you start to treat kids?

44:11 Do you think the link between concussion and neck issues has any effect on the visual system?

49:32 Do you think it is plausible that patients who seek out physiotherapy treatment for neck muscle guarding may have some underlying vision issue?

52:16 Are there any red flags health care practitioners should be aware of regarding vision issues?

56:14 Are there any common statements that patients may make that may indicate a vision issue?

1:00:51 Is there any link between dyslexia and vision issues?

1:05:32 You used to hear the saying “don’t sit too close to the tv, its bad for your eyes”. Do you think the amount of technology that kids are using now can have an impact on their vision?

1:12:04 If you have laser eye surgery and you go back to putting a lot of strain on your eyes can your vision get worse again?

1:15:17 Why and when would you use prisms?

1:19:25 How do you get someone to the point of not needing prism or lessening it?

1:23:59 Where do you see vision therapy going in the future?

1:27:41 Where can people find out more about you?

FXNL Staff