How do nerves become hypersensitive?

FXNL Staff
January 15, 2018
1 min read

Nerve pain – including sciatica and thoracic outlet syndrome – is a commonly experienced problem. It can be a sign of a hypersensitive nervous system.

Michael Shacklock, physiotherapist and founder of Neurodynamic Solutions, explains the mechanics of the peripheral nervous system. Nerves can be subjected to the following forces:

1. Sliding
2. Tension
3. Compression

Nerve dysfunctions can occur when any of these forces become excessive, potentially leading to increased sensitivity.

Movement is not just critical for muscles and joints but also for the nervous system. Neurodynamic tests are used to detect sensitive nerves and can also be used as a treatment technique to change forces on the nerve.

Listen to our full conversation with Michael Shacklock on neurodynamics.

FXNL Staff