Levels of clinic organizationvideo

The 4 levels of clinic organization

What are the four levels of organization that a clinic can attain? These types describe how a private practice progresses in its organizational maturity. The types are as follows: Roles are established and documented ...
business growth

The challenges of starting and growing a rehab clinic

Sanjeev Bhatia, CEO and co-founder of Clinic Space, returns as guest host to interview Charlotte Anderson. Charlotte is a physiotherapist and owner of Alpha Health Services, a multi-disciplinary rehab clinic she started over 4...
business operations

How to efficiently run your own practice

“You can give someone all the tactics, all the strategies. You can even give them the processes, the training material, get team buy in. But if you can’t execute, and you can’t deliver, then...
Clinic Operations and patient experiencevideo

How to measure and improve the patient experience

We chat with Sanjeev Bhatia, CEO and Co-founder of Clinic Space (@thesanjeevbhatia). Sanjeev helps business owners improve their clinic operations and streamline the patient experience. He shares some tips on how to measure, automate...
clinic marketing

Marketing and branding tips for health professionals

“By focusing on brand first you start to create a bit of differentiation, and you start to create a better position in the market for what you stand for” We chat with Scott Marcaccio, CEO...
Marketing and branding for health professionalsvideo

Top 5 Marketing Tips for Clinic Owners

We chat with Scott Marcaccio, CEO and Co-founder of Myodetox. Scott was previously a marketing executive before jumping into the world of rehab/therapy. He shares some tips on how to market, brand and scale...