How do nerves become hypersensitive?

Nerve pain - including sciatica and thoracic outlet syndrome - is a commonly experienced problem. It can be a sign of a hypersensitive nervous system. Michael Shacklock, physiotherapist and founder of Neurodynamic Solutions, explains the...
Levels of clinic organizationvideo

The 4 levels of clinic organization

What are the four levels of organization that a clinic can attain? These types describe how a private practice progresses in its organizational maturity. The types are as follows: Roles are established and documented ...
energy flow kinetic chain baseball player

Energy flow through the kinetic chain

 Energy flow throughout the body during a sport specific movement is like water running through a garden hose. If you have a bunch of holes in the hose, you will lose water pressure. Similarly, if you...

The benefits of mobilization with movement

What are the benefits of the Mulligan Concept of mobilization with movement (MWM’s)? 1. Delivered in functional positions 2. Patient actively involved 3. Informed by patient treatment responses 4. Uses real-time symptom modification 5. Never provokes pain In this video,...
Clinic Operations and patient experiencevideo

How to measure and improve the patient experience

We chat with Sanjeev Bhatia, CEO and Co-founder of Clinic Space (@thesanjeevbhatia). Sanjeev helps business owners improve their clinic operations and streamline the patient experience. He shares some tips on how to measure, automate...

The 5 major functions of the pelvic floor

Physiotherapist Carolyn Vandyken (BHSc (PT), Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, Owner & Instructor of Pelvic Health Solutions) discusses common conditions that pelvic rehab can help treat and the 5 major functions of the pelvic floor muscles: 1....

How vision affects learning and concussion recovery

“Are we really dealing with a learning difficulty case or is this just a paediatric concussion?” What is the relationship between vision issues and reading difficulties, recovery from concussions, and even ADHD? We speak with Dr....
Marketing and branding for health professionalsvideo

Top 5 Marketing Tips for Clinic Owners

We chat with Scott Marcaccio, CEO and Co-founder of Myodetox. Scott was previously a marketing executive before jumping into the world of rehab/therapy. He shares some tips on how to market, brand and scale...
acupuncture meridiansvideo

The science behind acupuncture meridians

Dr. Alejandro Elorriaga Claraco describes the science behind both traditional and neurofunctional acupuncture. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners discovered favourable access points to the nervous system that they labelled as meridians. Anatomy and physiology...
TMJ dysfunctionvideo

The inner workings of TMJ dysfunction

“If you help a patient with back pain, they’re going to be grateful. If you help a patient with TMJ dysfunction, they’re going to leave you in their will” Physical Therapist, Dr. Erson Religioso III...