how poor sleep impacts your healthvideo

5 health consequences of poor sleep

How does sleep impact your health? How much sleep do you need? Here are 5 areas where your health can be impacted from poor sleep: 1. Chronic/Persistent Pain 2. Athletic Performance and Injuries 3. Cancer 4. Cardiovascular Disease 5....
Structure of a tendon showing Tendinopathy, tendinitis, tendinitisvideo

Tendinitis, Tendinosis, Tendinopathy? Exercise is the best medicine for tendon pain.

“Pain and pathology aren’t necessarily related. So you can have profound pathology, profound degeneration in your tendon and have no pain” Prof Jill Cook explains how tendons act like a spring, storing and...
ice after injury for swelling and inflammationvideo

Does ice reduce swelling and inflammation?

We speak with physiotherapist, Dr. Bahram Jam , about the evidence behind the use of ice or heat for pain, swelling, or inflammation after soft tissue (muscle strain, ligament sprain, etc) injury. To read Bahram’s...
Custom made foot orthoticsvideo

How to tell if your foot orthotics are truly custom-made

"Some of the biggest manufacturers in Canada and the US often claim to make custom product when they’re actually using stock item shells and creating orthotics that are not actually unique to the patients...
Pain scientists answer top pain questionsvideo

Pain scientists answer your top questions

Made in the style of Wired's "Tech Support" series, three top pain scientists - Prof Lorimer Moseley, Dr. Tasha Stanton, Dr. David Butler - answer your burning questions about pain science. This episode is...

Persistent pain, explained in 3 minutes

Your body has an living, breathing alarm system (the nervous system) that tells us what happens to us. This is important because it informs us when we're injured (i.e. step on a rusted nail),...
Why sleep is importantvideo

Why a good night’s sleep is important

Sleep. It’s necessary for all life, from humans to insects, mammals and reptiles. Every living species sleeps, but why is it important? Sleep affects every aspect of our well being. You can argue that...
Physiotherapy Student Business Tipsvideo

3 business tips for physical therapy students

In this last instalment of the Business Series with the CPA Private Practice Division (PPD), physiotherapist, PPD Chair, and Founder - Mentorship Bootcamp, Darryl Yardley answers all your student questions relating to business and practice management. In...
history of medical injection therapyvideo

A brief history of medical injection therapy

Medical injection therapy includes cortisone, prolotherapy, viscosupplementation, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cells. These therapeutic medical injections are used to treat a variety of musculoskeletal injuries. This video explores the history and efficacy of these...

How do nerves become hypersensitive?

Nerve pain - including sciatica and thoracic outlet syndrome - is a commonly experienced problem. It can be a sign of a hypersensitive nervous system. Michael Shacklock, physiotherapist and founder of Neurodynamic Solutions, explains the...